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“You not only referred me but gave me all the tools."

"If it wasn't for you I would never have the confidence and the know not only referred me but gave me all the tools. You’re really empowering women and teaching us how to be better. I think that’s the best thing."
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- Catarina

Transform your skills, transform your life

What if you could make money like never before using your skills, all while lounging in the cozy comfort of your own home (or wherever you choose!) without sacrificing the things you love?

It sounds almost too good to be true, but it’s totally possible considering how times have changed. And guess what that means for you.

It means that you have the power to step off that beaten path, wave goodbye to the nine-to-five grind (if you want to!) and create your very own lane as a virtual assistant who takes everything from administrative tasks, social media tasks, customer service and MORE! How empowering is that?

Work-Life Balance, Anyone???

Wondering what life could be like while helping your clients conquer their day? Well, simply put, you could be living a life of:

📝  Structure – No more feeling overwhelmed or unsure of where to start. You’ll have a step-by-step roadmap that guides you through every aspect of your business, ensuring you stay on track and achieve your goals.

✈️ Freedom – You’ll have the freedom to create and live the life you desire, breaking free from the limitations of a traditional career path, while also making time for family, friends, and self-care!

😎 Empowerment – You’ll discover talents and abilities you didn’t even know you had. It’s a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, where you’ll constantly surprise yourself with how much you’re capable of achieving.

💸 Financial Peace – The demand for virtual assistants is on the rise and so is your earning potential. With your skills, experience, and a strong mindset, you’re able to increase your income.

And as if that’s not enough....

Gone are the days of stress, pressure, and a boss breathing down your neck. Oh no, my friend! Your work is now a source of sheer enjoyment, a fulfilling adventure that allows you to express your passion and show those incredible skills of yours. As for your clients? They’re a dream come true. Supportive and appreciative of your expertise, they give you the freedom to be your awesome self. No suffocating pressure or ridiculous demands – just a partnership where you’re respected. Isn’t this the life you absolutely want? We’ll it’s within your reach. You have the power, the skills, and the fire within you to create this incredible reality. So, let’s make it happen.

Say Hello to InDemandVA

InDemand VA is an 8-week exclusive program designed for ambitious women like YOU who are itching to break free from constraints and build their dream life. Guess what happens when you give your VA dreams the respect they deserve and turn them into reality? Absolute joy!

Over 280 fierce and fabulous ladies have already successfully started their VA business with the help of the InDemand VA. You could be next! For the most part, a lot of women who are either aspiring to be a VA or have tried to be a VA struggle with
how to take their hard-earned skills and turn them into a VA lifestyle that supports the life they want.


Ditching overthinking

It’s time to get rid of your checklist of “shoulds.” You don’t need to tick every box before you start your virtual assistant business.

Dropping comparison

Why look sideways when your path is ahead? You don’t have to mimic other VAs. You’re unique, which means your business should be built on your desires and preferences.

Ignoring desperation

There’s no need for you to take on just any client – or let clients overstep your boundaries

In just 8 weeks, you’ll gain the confidence and skills to attract high-paying clients, deliver exceptional service, and build a thriving VA business that offers you the freedom, flexibility, and financial abundance you’ve been daydreaming about.

Real Results. Real Stories

Who am I to tell you anything about being a VA?

I am Sabatini Ferdinand and here's my story...

At the beginning of 2020, I found myself in a situation many can relate to – I was laid off from my “safe” but incredible job as a full-time server at a restaurant. To make matters worse, my bank account was looking more like a black hole, with a whopping negative balance of -$11. 

It was a turning point in my life, and I decided to take a leap of faith and venture into the world of virtual assistance.

With determination, I quickly discovered the incredible potential within the VA industry. Within just a few months, I managed to
get clients left and right. And get this: In 2022, I was able to have 18.7K credit card debt thanks to my business.

Being a VA has also brought me so much MORE than money. It’s brought me  speaking opportunities, going viral on YouTube, being featured in Business Insider and Forbes and even a month-long trip to Asia.

The success I experienced as a VA ignited a passion within me to help you and other women achieve the same level of fulfillment and financial freedom. Listen, I understand the challenges, fears, and doubts that can arise when stepping out on a new journey with nothing but faith.

That’s why I’m dedicated to giving you the support and guidance you need to succeed as a VA.

The most underrated part of entrepreneurship: Your mindset
The most underrated part of entrepreneurship:
Your mindset ... .

Like most everyday women you’ve probably doubted your ability to turn your
life experiences and skills into a business.

Maybe you underestimate your potential – thinking that you’re just not cut to
have a business. But who says that the skills you’ve gained at work or home
can’t support the lifestyle you want? Whether you’re a…

⦁ Frustrated nine-to-fiver ready to trade those cubicle walls for your own
comfy workspace and take charge of your own hours. If you’re longing for a life
beyond pointless meetings and endless paperwork, being a VA is your door to

⦁ Mom of little ones who wants to spend more time at home without
sacrificing a rewarding career. As a VA, you can enjoy the best of both worlds –
a satisfying career and precious family time

⦁ Recent grad uncertain about the corporate world. If you’re someone who values flexibility and creativity over rigid corporate structures, becoming a VA can be an exciting adventure that blends learning with earning.

⦁ Mid-career maven that wants a career change. You’ve built a wealth of skills and experience and it’s time to use them in a way that serves you best.

Wake up, Thrive, Repeat

Guess what happens when you give your VA dreams the respect they deserve and turn them into reality? Absolute joy!

You wake up to days that aren’t ruled by rushed morning routines – or the frustration of cramming your life into lunch breaks and stolen moments. Need to walk your dog mid-afternoon or feel like enjoying lunch with your bestie? You can, because your time is on your side.

You’re seeing your bank balance grow with each passing month. You can confidently treat yourself without feeling guilty because you’ve set your rates, and with every invoice you send, you’re breaking free from the limitations of a fixed salary.

Every day ends with deep contentment. You’re not just surviving, you’re thriving in a space you’ve created, which reflects your values, passions, and lifestyle. You’ve not only made a difference in the lives of your clients but also for yourself.

This is the reality of turning your dreams into an everyday living – where work isn’t just about clocking in and out, it’s about living joyfully on your own terms.

"This is my escape plan."

“I've been on a major journey and just watching Saba, being a part of this course and community has affected me and my business tremendously. The first year of business is the hardest and as I'm entering into my second, I have to say I wouldn't have made it this far without this course, this community, and Saba herself."
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- Keamber

How your dream life becomes your reality using my signature framework...


Cultivating Your In Demand Vision & Mindset

Adapting the CEO that’s required for you to build an in demand business

Module 1:

What is a virtual assistant and what can they do?

Module 2:

Cultivating a boss mindset


Build your VA systems

Streamline your money-generating activities to get visible for your dream client

Module 5:

Streamline your business with systems

Module 6:

Build your lead workflow


Establish the 4P s (Passion, Profit, Packaging, & Protection)

Stand out in your niche and package your knowledge for profit

Module 3:

Finding your niche

Module 4:

Establish your passion,
rate, packages, and protect your business with a contract


Get booked out as an InDemand VA

Master your powerful marketing strategy to nurture and convert your dream clients

Module 7:

Market your business, learn to perfect your pitch, and build your remote resume

Module 8:

Own your discovery calls and onboard your new clients with ease

What's on the other side of The InDemandVA

At the end of our 8-weeks together, if you’ve rolled up your sleeves to put in the work, you can expect:

• A rush of satisfaction and self-worth as you accomplish things you never thought possible. Talk about a boost in self-esteem

• A relaxed pace of life, peace of mind, and the joy of doing what you love when you want. Say hello to stress-free days

• Gratification from making your own decisions and the excitement of knowing that you’re in control. Get ready to love this new, liberated you!

• A glow-up like no other as your confidence rises. You’ll have an overwhelming feeling of self-assuredness. You’ll finally acknowledge that you’re unstoppable!

• The sweet relief that comes from financial stability and the joy of being able to treat yourself (or others!) without the worry.

Your Investment Options


  • 8 core modules following our signature framework
  • bit-size trainings & tutorials for easy implementation
  • lifetime access including future updates
  • exclusive template library
  • over 20 pre-recorded guest expert training
  • frequently asked questions bonus module



  • everything included in [course access only]
  • (1) private coaching call with Saba - scheduled within 90 days of joining for accountability
  • 7 days post call support + personalized feedback requests
If you desire 1:1 support to fast rack your results, limited spots are open each quarter.


*payment plans available regardless of which option you choose*

"I no longer have to choose between my family or my job."

After nearly 19 years in the corporate world, I am finally doing something that lights my spark. I feel challenged at work that not only works for me but my family, and all while helping my clients be the best at their business. I no longer have to choose between my family or my job. I get to choose both because I QUIT. Saba you are a Godsend! – Maria

The only VA course that empowers, elevates, and propels you toward your dream life

8 CORE MODULE SELF-PACED COURSE – InDemandVA gives you the freedom to learn at your pace, on your terms! Just picture yourself sipping on your favorite latte, cosying up with your laptop, learning everything you need to know to change your life.


“You have the skills to create a thriving virtual assistant business, you just have to decide you’re going to do it.

- Saba, Your Mentor & Biggest Cheerleader

InDemandVA Promise

I promise to empower you to build something for yourself by providing you with community, support, and resources to create a business that revolves around the lifestyle you want to have.

Oh wait, There is More!

Templates Designed to Simplify Your VA Workflow

Get ready to streamline your business operations with our exclusive collection templates. 

Pitching? Check! Contract creation? We got you! Rate increase proposals? Oh yeah, we’ve got that covered too. We even have a business progress checklist to keep you on track, and guidance on how to professionally terminate a client if that ever catches you off guard. 

Say goodbye to the struggle of starting from scratch. The InDemandVA’s Template Library will give you the confidence you need to show up as a boss in your virtual assistant business. 






This isn't your ticket to overnight riches, okay?

InDemandVA isn’t the course for you’re into:

• Quick cash dreams…
• Desperate client hunting with just money on the brai
• Learning but never implementing
• Blaming other people for your mistakes
• Being stubborn when it comes to learning tech
• Staying away from marketing yourself

Instead this course is perfect for all the ambitious women who are ready for a challenge. If you’re into getting things done, owning your actions, becoming a master at VA tech tasks, and you’re ready to market yourself like a pro, then, InDemandVA is for you!

Real Results. Real Stories

Your Investment Options


  • 8 core modules following our signature framework
  • bit-size trainings & tutorials for easy implementation
  • lifetime access including future updates
  • exclusive template library
  • over 20 pre-recorded guest expert training
  • frequently asked questions bonus module



  • everything included in [course access only]
  • (1) private coaching call with Saba - scheduled within 90 days of joining for accountability
  • 7 days post call support + personalized feedback requests
If you desire 1:1 support to fast rack your results, limited spots are open each quarter.


*payment plans available regardless of which option you choose*

So, Saba, how does this all work?

1. Pick your payment style and enroll.

Who doesn’t like options? I’ve made it super easy to get started with InDemandVA. You have three payment options for you to choose from.

2. Get instant access.

After enrolling, you’ll get instant access to your online course materials and be welcomed into the supportive InDemandVA community. It’s filled with ladies who are just as pumped as you are, along with graduates who can’t wait to cheer you on and share their inspiring success stories.

3. Finally! Build your VA career.

The InDemandVA course is your one-stop solution to becoming a successful VA in only 8 weeks. You’ll graduate with all the knowledge and skills to start and scale your own successful VA business.



Yes, our students not only live worldwide, but they’ve come from a variety of professions, including administrative, teaching, event planning, project management, restaurants, hotel industry, HR, executive assistance, graphic design, marketing, and MORE!


Yes! Regardless of which support option you choose, you'll have access to the course from anywhere, at anytime which allows you to learn and go through the program at your own speed and freedom without any rush.


Yes! The InDemand VA course cannot be compared to any other virtual assistant course out there. We've served many virtual assistants who have previously invested in another VA course. The common denominator we've found in their reason for switching to InDemand VA is: the support options, more connected to the community, job opportunities.


InDemandVA kicks off as soon as you enroll, giving you instant access to all the good stuff. Purchase once, and get access to the course and any additional updates made for a lifetime


Not scheduled or consistent coaching, no. However, I (Saba) do pop into the courses’ discussion feed from time to time for Q+A!


Once you're in, you're in for life when it comes to the course material. You’ll receive lifetime access to all the valuable content and any future updates.


The results you achieve depend on the time and effort you put in. I’ve seen students land clients in as little as 3 DAYS, some in a week, and others within the 8-week journey.


Self-Paced Course Access is open yea round. 1:1 support enrolls every quarter.


We offer different levels of additional support depending on your specific needs. Please email us at to get more details.

For all technical questions, please also send an email to us. 


No. All of our results and promises come directly from client data, but as noted in our Terms and Conditions on our website, many factors may apply and so we cannot make guarantees and will not offer any refunds.

Why Settle for Less???

Don’t overthink this... but which one would you choose?

Option 1: Continually downloading freebie after freebie and hoping that it will help figure out the logistics of starting and maintaining your virtual assistant business. 

Option 2: Wasting time scrolling TikTok thinking you can piece together a virtual assistant business. 

Option 3: Spend just 8 weeks focused on reaching your VA dreams with my Standard™ Framework.

I don’t know about you, but I’d choose option 3 considering how many business owners are constantly searching for VAs to support them in their business. 

After your experience inside InDemandVA, you’ll be positioned at the forefront of the VA industry – that will ultimately lead to MORE opportunities.

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